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Friends Twenty Questions

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Anyone up for a new game? Twenty Questions...think of a person, place or thing associated with the show. Posters ask questions until someone guesses, then the winner posts a new one (or if it gets to twenty with no winner, original poster wins and does another). I'll go first. I'm thinking of a person.

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relative of a principal character?


p.s. - sorry for being a rule breaker, this is question 2 - do we have to wait until all 20 have been asked to guess?  and if not is there something you want us say to preface a guess?  that was it, i'm back in game mode  :D

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@ AriAu, sorry, I missed your question yesterday. No, does not appear more than five times.


To recap and keep things clear:

A person

1. Yes, female

2. No, does not appear more than 5 times

3. Yes, relative of a principal character

4. No, not relative of a female principal

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