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S01.E18: Miracle Man

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Episode synopsis:   The agents investigate a ministry led by a man whose son possesses the power to heal - and to kill - with a touch of his hand. Written by: Howard Gordon and Chris Carter. Directed by: Michael Lange.


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Now THIS ONE is hard to stay concentrated on and always has been. I'm watching it now (Saturday night sad sacking) and I keep fiddling with my phone.

The sheriff is pretty dull. Are there any female sheriffs on The X-Files? Scully's wearing bland but normal clothes. No ridiculous blouses. Oh, Samuel just died.


ETA: Oh, right, the stuff with the sheriff's disabled wife is pretty interesting and waitaminute the sheriff killed Samuel?! I don't remember that at all. Well there you go.

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There's two people in this episode I feel really sorry for - the sheriff's wife, and Samuel.  I think Samuel honestly believed he was unwillingly killing those people, but his father wouldn't let him not be a part of the "ministry" anymore ($$) so there wasn't anything he could do to stop it.


Watching this one again now (after coming to know the main characters so well) I was a bit shocked that Mulder didn't immediately turn into a jerkwad as soon as religion was mentioned (like he did in latter eps).  The fanwanker in me has decided that Mulder believes Samuel was somehow playing him for a fool by bringing up Samantha and his "dark pain" and he was so hurt by that, that it caused an irrational hatred of anything having to do with religion.  (No I don't really believe the showrunners had anything of the sort in mind, but it's fun.)

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