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TellTale Games: A Game Of Thrones

Meredith Quill
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Played in a 6 episode format; Episode 1: 'Iron From Ice' is due to be released before the end of 2014.


Following the fortunes of House Forrester whose seat is IRONRATH,

(a House which has not yet appeared in the show but is book canon)

and set during the events near the end of season 3. The series itself as a whole will encompass all of season 4 leading up to the start of season 5.


Looking forward to this!

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Interesting that they're setting it parallel with the show; wonder how that'll play out. It's different from TWD in that the compelling part of that is mostly the appeal of the setting and the tone, where my interest in GoT is more the specific characters / political machinations than the world, so I'm curious how something like this'll turn out. I was kind of hoping for something set during Robert's rebellion, which might work better there in that it can use characters we know about but not have them in places we've seen before.


Definitely looking forward to this, anyway!

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So, this game came out today and I just finished it. It is definitely a great story so far. I'll probably have to let it sink in some more, but I'll say this: By the end, it is definitely Game of Thrones.

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Yes, yes it is.

That was really good. It was a little strange at first to have the show actors doing voices with video game approximations of their bodies, but any other choice would have been way worse, and it worked fine; the way they nestle it into the overall show seems so far to be working, too.

Loved the reveal early on.

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Not yet sure if I want to get this now or try to be patient and wait until all the episodes are out.  I didn't get into the Walking Dead games until Season 1/400 Days were already released so i played through them all.  But season 2 I had to wait for each episode to come out and sometimes forgot some of the key choices I had made.  I'll probably play through it rather than waiting, but it'll have to be when I can manage to pry myself away from Dragon Age: Inquisition (not any time soon)...

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