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S28.E05: The Pact

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15-year-old boy goes to a dance and never returns. Teen killers keep a secret for 41 years – until one of them cracks. Richard Schlesinger investigates.

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My heart broke for that family.  You could just see how they were never the same; their grief was palpable after all these decades.  I felt so bad for the parents, the mom holding her son's money still, the dad who died four days after the first trial.  And the sisters, I can only imagine how hard it was for them, growing up with grieving parents and grieving themselves, and as they got older dealing with their still-grieving parents.  The whole family was just destroyed, it was so absolutely senseless.


I should watch the episode again, because I got a little confused over the boys/now middle-aged men who were tried/convicted...like who was the young boy who did what, and which older man it was now.  The light-skinned strawberry blonde man seemed like a really dodgy witness to me; he just looked shell-shocked the whole time and didn't seem believable to me.  It was also a little curious and unsettling at the end, about how there was another person who had killed someone else in the same way.  I don't know, I hope they got the right people in this case.

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