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Season 2 Anticipation Thread

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I loved this show.  No, I LOVED this show.  Gabrielle Union has been a favorite of mine from way back and always wondered why she was not used more. Well, there are precious few roles for black actors so that is really it.  Then this show!  Heaven!  And I am an atheist!  LOL!  It is my "heaven."  It was well done, raw at times and honest.  I have high hopes for season 2. 


I have no desires as to what should happen; I am looking forward to what they create.  I feel confident it will be as excellent as the first season.  

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I'm really looking forward to the new season; this hiatus has been way too long.  I've been watching the first season and remembering how much I liked it, but it was way too short.  I'm looking forward to seeing more of the relationship between Mary Jane and David; I really like David.  I also really enjoyed Mary Jane's friendship with Lisa and want to see more of that character--she has a lot of baggage, and I want to know why she's so messed up.

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OM (deity of your choice) when is this second season coming?!  I love this show. 



Thank you to the poster who coined the phrase "deity of your choice."  Unfortunately I cannot remember your name.  

So perfect. Kudos. 

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