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Talking About Talking About The Comics

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My problem is that with the general comic thread, I'm not 100% caught up. I'm on the last released volume so if there's talk that talks about anything at all current I risk being spoiled and I hate spoilers for this show ( as well as being spoiled on the comic). I was happy about the episode thread separate ... It meant no spoilers! I will admit that thread did get kind of off topic (with talk of characters that have now been dead for seasons), but there was more of a chance of getting some good episode discussion which I love... I don't like to post to the main one, I'd have to comic spoiler tag almost everything I say.

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Does anyone else think that the cop rick

was gonna kill then daryl talked him out of it was possibly negan?

Full disclosure: I've never read the comics and I wouldn't know

Negan if I tripped over him but, for what it's worth, in the credits the actor (Christopher Matthew Cook) who played that cop was identified as Licari.

Someone who hasn't even read the comics posted "n the credits the actor (Christopher Matthew Cook) who played that cop was identified as Licari." Then a mod goes in and slaps spoiler tags on it?! This is yet another example of why I'm afraid to post anything.

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