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The Wives: Soul Mates versus Cell Mates

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So, while watching this craziness last night and thanking the remote control gods for being too tired to pick the intended channel in the first place and too mesmerized by the crazy to turn away, I was thinking about what a woman would get out of being in these relationships.


The conclusion I came to is that they get a fantasy relationship with a "sensitive" thug type without the danger of physical violence and/or other abuse that they have probably experienced in the past. So, this "hard" guy writes you love letters, tells you he loves you and puts it on you once/month and you get to go on about your business most of the time and still feel like you've got a man.


He can't cheat on you, hit you (until he comes home), steal from you, or lie about where he is. You are in control. Even if you let him tell you what to do, YOU decide.


Now, the girl whose husband murdered someone at 15 and is probably getting out will be regretting her marriage choice. But, I am willing to bet if any of these women met a 1/2 way decent man IRL who was willing to be with them, they would divorce these killers (or failed killers).

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It's fascinating, isn't it?  When the one said that she figured it was safe to marry him because he couldn't get out and kill her...really, WTF???


Well, yeah, at the time she thought he couldn't get out and kill her (I laughed and laughed that she had to reevaluate that little philosophy when he is apparently getting out early) but...yeah, he can't get out to kill you, but you can't ever physically touch him or really bond with him in any way, so...why did you marry him again?


I totally agree that, in examples like that particular dumbass, it must be their way of being able to claim being in a relationship to boost their own self-esteem, yet never having to deal with the daily work that's actually involved to make a relationship work.  They can run around saying they have a husband and have a wedding ring...even if the husband in question is sitting miles and miles away behind a set of impenetrable bars.


The previews for the entire season look like it will be one ginormous trainwreck.  I can't wait to see it all unfold. 


And to get more information about these husbands/significant others.

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