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  1. Another layer just hit me. Dorit's entire decision to project "passive provocative" statements and grasps for relevance onto Garcelle was proof positive beyond any reasonable doubt that Dorit has no close association with any Black woman who gives even a smidgeon of a damn about her at all. If her mother's BBF ever existed, she would have been pressed into service to help give Dorit some kind of reasonable recovery from the initial "all my servants are POC" conversation. There is no way I would let a White woman I give a salt granule of a damn about play herself like this without any sort
  2. Every reunion makes me wonder, "Does anyone take pics or video of themselves in the dresses while SITTING on a couch or in a chair?" Their stylists or whoever helps them really need to take candids of them sitting because that's where so many of the looks fall apart. It's natural to slouch or relax after sitting or having a conversation where the main thing on your mind isn't dress placement and boob display. Maybe it's because I have a short torso and generally think about what happens to my body in an outfit when I'm sitting. But, so many reunion look problems could be solved by s
  3. Yep. That Sid Vicious couple's Halloween costume from 2015 is making the rounds again too because of her questionable statements last night. I'm sure 2015 will become 1815 in the "That was soooo long ago." defenses on that one. Glad they are already done filming so, it doesn't get time during the reunion.
  4. It was a great answer and I appreciate your perspective and candor.
  5. I appreciate your insight as a viewer with a different religious background than what is in the show and my own which is Southern American Christian, evangelical. I really appreciated the presence and spotlight on Hassan and Ali. I also wondered if anyone else saw the worship of whiteness in Bev. It reminds me a lot of experiences with some white American Christians and the idea of what they deem to be tolerant and even nice is still racist and insulting. Dehumanizing also applies in real life but, because of the vampire status here, I hesitated to use that word. I did wonder while
  6. There is something that stood out about Sophie's character and I wonder if other's noticed how her story of who she is and her actions are so different? The "I do everything for my kids" thing really rubbed me the wrong way because the person in that story does not have an ongoing affair at a school where she and the other person teach AND both of her children attend school. She loved that job (for some unexplained reason) much more than she was concerned for her kids. She should have resigned immediately when she decided the kids were going to go back there. Then, instead of taking the princi
  7. Regarding Wendy's boobs. Do we know how old they were at the time of filming and whether she had a combination surgery of lift + implants? Generally, it can take months for the breasts to soften and drop to a natural position. That also depends on how much the person is keeping up the massage advice from their doctor/nurse. I wonder about a lift because Wendy's seem unnaturally high and I can't tell if that's because she does push up tops even though they are already augmented. It's a strange look because generally women who have had children get a more natural looking bust because
  8. And this is why you choose any option other than go on national tv when you have something (anything) to hide. When will these people learn to get some sort of online certification and learn a skill instead of trying to snow millions of viewers, lawyers, judges and the IRS?!
  9. Now wait. I do have a line. The writer's just haven't gotten me there yet. I am so sorry about your experiences. I hope you are having an amazing life after escaping that type of situation.
  10. I still don't think Allison will want me on her jury if the OD plot works though.
  11. Me too. I understand Allison is eager to bond but, I don't trust Patty yet. The part where Allison was asking Patty why she didn't previously care about Kevin's bad acts was a good example of how internalized misogyny can work. Reminded me of older women I've seen use "did he hit you?" as the barometer of whether another woman is allowed to express dissatisfaction or expect change in her marriage.
  12. red12


    I also keep in mind that Sheila is a Baby Boomer woman and probably was involved in second wave feminism earlier in life. So, she has a lot of competing ideologies running around in that one brain as evidenced by her homophobic inner monologue while talking to the lesbian professor who was probably a former peer in academia. Sheila's obsession with food and looks very much fits the personality types of my friends' moms during that time. I am a couple of years older than Sheila's daughter from what I can guess. My own mom has been known to slap a potato chip out of my hands when I was a kid. I
  13. Okay. I'm willing to go with that for now. Interested to see where the writers take things.
  14. I am enjoying the show more as the episodes build but, something that surprises me about my experience is I'm starting to see Allison as the villain of her story more than Kevin. Her choice of Kevin as a partner is a symptom not the disease in my view. It appears she had some level of success in high school but did not believe in her ability to build on that and leave her surroundings so, she did the thing guaranteed to keep her in the place she allegedly hates, marry Kevin. Short of a teen pregnancy or early addiction, that is the most self-sabotaging decision she could make. On top of t
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