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Season 5 Speculation WITHOUT Spoilers (UK)

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This topic shall be for UK viewers going forward.  If you have already seen episodes in the UK, and are not otherwise spoiled, and want to speculate about the rest of the season, your post goes here.


PM me with any questions.

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This season is basically built on secrets being spilled...

- Edith's baby... already suspicions from Mrs. Hughes seeing Edith with fireman and then Mrs. Hughes and Anna seeing the baby photo

- Bate's trip to London... now police investigation and again, Mrs. Hughes knows as well as Mary.  Baxter seems to know something and Thomas wants to know.

- as of this episode, Mary's secret trysts with Gillingham... Anna knows (for now)


Baxter's secret is out, but I really hope we don't get the done-before storyline of Thomas framing her for stealing.

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