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Dreams about The Golden Girls?

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Have any of you had dreams regarding The Golden Girls? I bring this up because I just had one involving Rue McClanahan. We were talking about all the roles she played when I brought up Blanche; who she denied ever playing! It was so weird, I  wonder if she meant something else. 


So what dreams have you had involving the Golden Girls? Were they funny, sad, or just plain weird?


I swear I've also had one were the girls were in Super Smash Brothers. Maybe it's just wishful thinking. ;)

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Not a dream, but a hallucination. I was in the hospital last year, had minor surgery, major complications. I was on some heavy morphine. I thought I saw portraits of the Girls on the curtains in my room. I was positive they were there, and I can still see them in my mind.  When my sister would come to see me, I'd tell her to look at the beautiful photos of the Girls.   

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Oh that's so weird, I also had a Girls hospital experience (not a dream, but close). I was of course put under for surgery and woke briefly as I was being wheeled into my room afterward, but the room was apparently dark and I had this strange sense I was being abandoned somewhere. I kept thinking, "They're leaving me in the elevator just like what happened to Sophia!" If I'd had any ability to speak, I'm sure I would've said it out loud. (No worries, I was in my hospital room, just super-disoriented.)

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LOL I am a lightweight with pain meds. They sent me home with Atasol 30s and I wasn't much more coherent when I'd have to take two. I made a video of me singing about lights.  I'm off the stuff now. I won't keep taking them for 30 years like Rose did. Was it that long? lol

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