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S03.E15: Struggle

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"When Emily's blackouts become increasingly violent, the only person who can help her is the one she betrayed the most; Victoria tries to deal with someone from the past." Pretty sure that last bit means Dad Riggins is getting murdered.

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Haha, you totally called it.

This show is losing me. Emily's having blackouts/possibly going crazy? Jack is now part of the larger Grayson family? No thanks. Nolan hasn't had nearly enough to do lately, either.

(And no matter how hard they try, the writers and actors will never be able to convince me that Emily loves Aiden).

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I think David Clarke is still posthumously passive-aggressive ("Please do not take revenge on my enemies, especially not with this box full of juicy revengey evidence," "I'm sure you'll love your new mom once you stop walking in on us in bed"), but I don't think he's evil-evil.

I don't think I'll miss Patrick much. Also, Aiden just sort of wandered off at the end of the episode there. Is he leaving too or what? (I suppose it ultimately depends on whose pilots get picked up.)

The blackouts were kind of fun, but I'm ready for Emily to move on and get back to proper revenging. I miss Hamptons Batman.

They brought up Emily's mother again. She will show up for mother's day/sweeps. I am not a crackpot.

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I will miss Patrick's torso, and the fact that his presence meant that Nolan had some more screen time, but that is about it about him.  Arrivederci, Patrick... since I'm sure you will be back someday. I will miss speculating about what weird things Aiden was thinking at any given moment, because I stand by my theory that he is a closet perv... but I won't miss him too much.  I will not miss that green and gold dress that Victoria was wearing, because it was unflattering and awful.

I am kind of over the flashbacks to pre-Revenge, child-Amanda times.  First off, the little girl Amanda is getting too old - you can only do so many weird angle shots before the viewer realizes she has sprouted 10 inches since we last saw her, and she is almost as tall as her dad now.  And David Clark is looking a little aged in the face.  They need to cut this flashback crap out, pronto.

It is a good thing that the previews for next week look like trashy fun, because I was starting to lose interest in this show.  And I am a bitter-ender when it comes to trashy night soaps, so if I am losing interest, then they are doing something majorly wrong.

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