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Shane Dawson: How's he doing?

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When I heard it was some else's money I was like that's it I'm in Pittsburg.

And this is why I love Chris Moore. He picked this guy just to have a foil for his famous snack down routine.

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Ok the info on Shane from Shane is that his father isn't in his life. He is the victim of domestic violence and bullying. And I can tell you that up until a couple of years ago he was morbidly obese.

I do know people that like his humor. But that broad shock humor is one thing for 4 minutes and another for 185 minutes.

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First the positive:  I admire Shane for finding a way to take his hobby and turn it into a legitimate business, rather than be some director-wannabee who lives off his parents.  Plus, he has 10 million subscribers!  Very impressive.


Now the negative:  He freely admits that his "humor" is targeted towards teenaged girls.  As a grown man, maybe he needs to widen his horizons a little.  The CW tried to make their entire TV network focus on that exact demographic, and they found this to be an extremely fickle customer base. 


Secondly, he seems like a fairly sheltered young guy.  It'll be interesting to see what happens when he's forced to deal with adult professionals who don't view him as a "very special snowflake". 


Third, he apparently watched "Superbad" and, like his newly hired DP, thinks it's the perfect movie and the template for all other movies forever and ever.  As Zachary Quinto said to him, he needs to be less gross-out and filthy in order to appeal to more people.  I wonder how many dirty jokes he added to the script?  The writer seemed to indicate that it was several per page!  Can he grow up enough to acknowledge that humor isn't simply pee-pee jokes?  The video snippets of his they included in the episode tells me that the answer may be No.


Fourth, I don't think he really understands how a professional movie is put together.  The producer guy and his own friend had a hard time explaining to him that just because he stuck some dirty jokes into the script doesn't make him a co-author.  Shane seemed hung up on the idea that, although the WGA won't allow that, they SHOULD because HE "thinks its fair".  Good luck with that argument, kid!


I look forward to the inevitable Chris Moore - Shane confrontation.  The question I have for myself is, do I want to see it happen right away, and every episode, or would it better to draw it out, add to the anticipation, and then let Chris make one massive verbal attack on him that will turn him into a little greasy spot on the road.  Oh, I'm so excited by the prospect! LOL

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