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S04.E08: Crush


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Duke decides to leave Haven in the aftermath of dealing with Wade. But his escape is sunk as a trouble causing crushing pressure makes waves across town. The rules of the Troubles as we know them are crumbling--neither the troubled nor untroubled are safe. Amidst this chaos, Lexie and Nathan are forced to confront the truth of what they must do to save the town they love.


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The only thing that sticks out in this episode for me anyway is the whole issue about the Driscolls never having been Troubled. I hope we find out more about why that is, since

William and Mara apparently Troubled people at their whim and at random.

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The horseshoe crabs with human eyes are easily the most WTF thing the show has done, and not in a good way.


Yeah, lotta plot-important stuff happening in this one, and a day player who kinda looks like Ryan Gosling, but not a favorite. Duke's five-minute retirement was inevitable -- and, as I said in the previous episode thread, something that I totally believe this character in this situation would do -- but even I coulda done with a little less "What, no, we love you, come back."


Current theory about the riddle:

It was referring to Mara herself; now that the door has been opened the destructive personality is back in charge instead of the healing one.

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I thought the Jack Driscoll was one of the better guest actors in the series so far and not bad looking at all. Don't see the Gosling resemblance.

I remember someone on an earlier forum suggesting the answer to the riddle being Mara herself and it makes sense to me, but I think there is still a larger evil behind all this.

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but even I coulda done with a little less "What, no, we love you, come back."

Yeah, I far prefer it when a show/the characters tell me that a character is awful while I see him actually trying to be good and doing good things than when the show tells me how awesome a character is, whether or not I see him doing good things. But that was a nice moment between Nathan and Duke. Who'd have ever thought we'd hear Nathan say something like that about Duke?


The main thing that sticks out for me in this one is the complete lack of attention to detail and continuity with Nathan's big shirtless scene, though I guess showing all his scars would have blown the makeup budget for the season. This is supposed to be the morning after the dream trouble, when he had the big bruise on his hand, but it's gone. Then a day or so before that, he got slashed across the belly by the kid creature claws, to the point he had to change shirts because the first one was bloody and shredded. Not a sign of those scratches. There's also not a sign of the burns on his wrists from before that. It was an actual plot point in "Magic Hour" that the healed and the healer had matching scars, so he should have had a couple of gunshot wound scars on his chest. Then there's the gunshot to the upper arm from the pilot and the nails in the back from the nail gun run amok. Then however many bullets he took to the back six months ago. And how big a nerd am I that this is what I was thinking about during the "making pancakes" scene? Still, I think they could have done something fun and sexy with that, since the history of Nathan and Audrey's relationship could practically be traced through the scars of all his mishaps.


One of my friends called the cliffhanger of this one a "you bastards" cliffhanger. They like those gunshots, don't they?

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