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S01.E07: Cruisin’ for Bruisin’

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Richie and the T-Birds escape Rydell to seek thrills, chills, and dollar bills while Buddy has a revelation that makes him question everything.

Love how the T-Birds got richie’s back and,how they also have his back when he needs a reality check but love how they let him ride out the pain he was feeling not having Jane. then when they hug him when he was crying was just perfect their brotherhood. Also loving seeing the hard-working sides to the boys in the beginning of the episode. 

Buddy freeing himself from his dad’s hold. 

Richie spilling his honest vulnerable side and feelings to Jane was awesome. 

And seems like Gil is Betty’s older brother. 

and speaking of Gil he got the okay from Richie to ask Olivia to the dance 

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I loved seeing/hearing about each of the T-Bird's homelife, but it made me wonder with three episodes left to go are ever going to see Cynthia's? Richie's big dance in the garage reminded me of "Cool" from  West Side Story-where does emotion go/how can you express emotion when for young men in that time and place there were few acceptable options for it. In terms of sound, I was thinking Meatloaf mixed with something else. 

The scene with all of the T-Birds sitting on the ledge reminded me of Breakfast Club. I enjoyed the way they kept coming up excuses (dust, onions, hay fever, to cover thier tears/sniffles).

I thought it was clever the way they mentioned Elvis and made it clear where it was in his career, but did not actually have to play the record to get the message to the audience. 

Is just me or, did anyone else think that Buddy saying he got the DJ was not the same as asking her to the dance? To me, it seemed like Buddy backed off/backed down. 

I thought it was cute that Frenchie liked Richie better for Jane than Buddy. It gives me hope for some reason. 


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I realized that the lead in the school play was the first thing Buddy won/earned on his own. His father had nothing to do with it. 

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