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[NOT A BUG] Site is "stretched out"

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Just noticed this as I got online, but the site/main page looks like it's been "stretched out" or fully justified. Before, all topics were more...narrowed? This has happened before so I'm not sure if it's because things are being worked on on the back end? It's only on the PC that I see this, so I'll try to do a screen capture, but I'm not sure it will show up. 

Windows 10/Google Chrome/PC



I think it's expanding the columns across the screen?

ETA: When I click on a forum, I have to wait because the screen "shifts" to the right, "stretching" the screen and columns.

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Some ad settings have been changed recently so that is likely the reason for this. Presumably you've already checked that your width setting is the same.

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And may I say that I love that the ad settings have changed since they're now all on the bottom of the page.  I used to have to wait for the mid-page ads to load before I could click into any topic because the ads caused the topic list to shift down, but now, after the brief page width adjustment, all the topics are there in the list and they stay there.  And that makes me happy.

I hope that by saying this, I haven't jinxed it and it will go back the way it was...😄

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