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[BUG] Some threads don't show that I've posted in them

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The topic listings in a forum show a star in front of them when I've posted in them, but I just noticed that it is missing for a topic that I posted in: Lifetime Original Movies: Mother, May I Escape From My Terminally Ill Dangerous Ex? See attached screenschot of the TV Movies forum. As you can see further down the page the star does show up for the Disney Channel Movies topic where I have also posted.


After I noticed this I checked to see if it also happened with other topics and saw that it was also the case with Astrid & Lilly Save The World. There may also be others but it would take too much time to go through every forum to find all the topics I've posted in so I stopped looking after I found this second example.

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I just found a few more topics that don't show the star in front of them in the other sitcoms forum: Friends, Happy Together and Community.

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2 hours ago, SilverStormm said:

Hmm, I cannot reproduce this. Can you let me know which device, browser, OS you're using and if you use more than one device, is this happening across all of them? Thanks.

PC, Windows 10, Firefox. I just checked with Chrome and it happens there as well so it's not a browser-specific issue.

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Oof, I never got pinged that there was a response here.

We've just updated to the latest release, please check and let me know if this has resolved the problem or not, thanks.

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Still not seeing the star for the topics mentioned above. I had noticed the same thing with a few more topics. One of them (Outer Banks) got fixed after I posted in it two weeks ago. So it seems that the problem is solved for topics where I posted after I noticed the problem, but it does not fix itself for topics where I did not post after I noticed this problem.

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This happens to me, too, with the common denominator being all the threads in which I've noticed it are ones in which I have not posted in a long time.  If I come across one again, following this latest update, I'll let you know.

Found one -- the Kennedy Center Honors thread in Awards Shows.  I last posted there in 2021, but there's no star indication.  I'm pretty sure the other ones I've noticed are threads where it's been even longer since I posted.

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Found another one -- the thread in Music about what concerts we've been to has new content, which drew my attention to it; I've posted in there numerous times, but not since early 2021, and it does not show the star to indicate I've posted there.

And now another one popped up with recent content that goes with my sense most of the threads in which this happens to me are ones in which I haven't posted in a long time.  But I don't know if that's actually true, since many of the threads which have come to my attention since this issue was raised are places I've last posted a couple of years ago, so a long time but not a long time. 

Unlike the latest thread I identified, the Quotable Quotes in Everything Else TV thread, my last post was indeed truly old, 2017.  But, in another thread in which I haven't posted since 2014 (the Barely Human: Favorite Over the Top TV Characters thread), the star does appear.  I'll leave this be until the April update, but FYI.

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I'd appreciate, as Bastet offered, if we wait until the April update (I'll confirm in here when that's happened) and see if that resolves this issue or not, thanks.

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