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S03.E10: Burned


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This epsiode really picked up at the end with Jordan being forced to reveal some of the Guard's secrets. That was the best part of the episode for me.


So Vince as leader of the Guard orchestrated the kidnapping of that girl. He has really done some very questionable things but noone has confronted him about it so far

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"Tommy's dead."

"Did they find the body?"


Audrey Parker, you bastion of genre-savvy sanity, I love you.


This episode probably doesn't deserve the level of disinterest I have for it, being plot-vital and not actually terrible, but you throw a kid into the spotlight on a show and a significant chunk of my brain checks out for the hour. Which isn't really fair to the girl who plays Ginger, who does just fine. Better than Jordan in a couple scenes; this is one of the few times I found Kate Kelton too over-the-top.

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I love this episode, and I think the girl who plays Ginger is really great, especially for someone in her age range, which is always kind of hit-or-miss. I actually believed she'd bonded with Duke, and I would love to see them meet up again someday.

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"Ball and Chain" seems to have left its mark on the show as far as getting remembered, between the daughter coming up here and Beatrice showing up in the background at meetings of Troubled people on a couple occasions.

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I have to say that the real star of this episode is Nathan's snappy waistcoat-and-tie ensemble. He wore it a lot that season, but it really worked in this episode as a contrast to Jordan's goth look.


The scene where Nathan forces Jordan to tell him what they're up to is wrenching and chilling. I find myself hurting for both of them.


I wonder if the plot to use Ginger to control Nathan to force Audrey into the barn came from a faction of the Guard or if it came from the top. There seems to be a lot of freelancing going on within the Guard.

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