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Justine, Michael, and Justine's Weave

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Justine and Michael join the cast for season 2. 

Justine has nails like talons; she may be a predator.  Do not allow her near small animals that she can snatch up. Justine also enjoys clothing that either makes sausage casing look loose or is one cough away from a nip slip.  I am fairly certain she wears an infinity scarf as a top.  She has a pet weave that she strokes excessively, a smirk that riles up the blood, and a mother who knows she's a fool and is willing to tell her that. 

Per his mother, Michael is a player who has never wanted to settle down.  His mugshot begs to differ; however, other photos are much more flattering.  Truth be told, they couldn't be less flattering. Michael's mother is starting to see through the cracks of this prison fairytale romance.  Michael has several lovely children who deserve so much better and sister who takes no prisoners, well, unless that's taking her prisoner brother out of jail. 

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I know everyone wants to get a pair of Montana Millz new hot kicks. The promo is up on youtube.  They feature his logo on the tongue and have "All Hail Millz" on the back along with, for some unknown reason, an orange bumper.  I guess that's in case you need to park your feet in a tight space.  

The promo on youtube says preorder.  However, the shoes dropped last year.  I am no master marketer, but they might want to update that.  It's hard to drive sales by not marketing. 

They also come in black and grey, again with the orange bumper.  You can find them at his store.  Fair warning, if you click into an individual shoe, you will get the musical stylings of Montana Millz, a.k.a. Michael. At the same time, compared to the other "rappers" on this show, he's not bad.  He also has sense enough to use tunes that do not include adult language (at least to the point I  listened) on his shoe site.  I will tell you, "You're so wroooooong, you're no gooooooooood, you're my druuuuuuuuug . . . I need looooooooove."

I would purchase a pair just for the humor; however, these will set you back $999.  Yes, you read that right.  We are talking $1 short of a grand for Montana Millz original shoes.  He has five pound gold chains to buy and matching sweat suits in all the colors. 

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On 1/16/2023 at 2:14 PM, PrincessPurrsALot said:

I now know where Justine got the inspiration for her infinity scarf worn as a boob sling.  Here is one of Mike's videos (language NSFW):



I guess no one had the heart to tell her she ain't that girl in the video. Not even close.

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On 1/17/2023 at 4:32 PM, TooMuchRealityTV said:

I guess no one had the heart to tell her she ain't that girl in the video. Not even close.

I think she's better looking.  Tonight's SpiderMan costume, though, I'm not as sure of.

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