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S02.E10: Sanctuary

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In a way, Quark has reason to complain. On the other hand, Quark, if he's that good, charge people to come into the bar. Better yet, set up a concert area for the guy, so people have to pay to see him. If the guy has any issues, offer to donate part of the prophets to encourage Bajoran arts.

Boy, did the Bajorans make the right call. From what we saw, the Skrreeans are rude and really, not all that bright. At least the males aren't. I mean, based on the behavior of everyone at the beginning of the episode, I thought it was a woman (Haneek) with her three sons. On top of that, three million of them wanted to be on Bajor? What a scary thought. They would have brought Bajor to ruin.

Maybe it just happens to be the people we saw, in which case, the Skrreeans really need to pick a new leader. Haneek was horrible. "Why did you pretend to be my friend?" Yes, that's right, Haneek, Kira is a horrible person for helping your people find an entire planet for themselves. Never mind the strain it would put on Bajor to suddenly gain 3 million people. Never mind the reasonable fear the Bajorans would have, especially when you are trying to claim Bajor as yours. Never mind the danger to your people. Never mind all the work to let you talk to the Bajorans leaders, even when she thought it wasn't for the best. Never mind that Kira and the other Bajorans were nothing but polite to your entitled ass. Of course, it's horrible that Haneek lost her son, but honestly, given the Skrreean "entitlement" to Bajor, it's not a surprise that more didn't die trying to land.

I enjoyed Jake and Nog. "Oh, she wants to be a chef." Nice little joke there. Also, Nog may be a bully, but I admit, he amuses me. When the going gets rough, he'll show them by...hiding behind his uncle.

Speaking Quark...again, given how he usually treats Nog, I do like he went to help him.

SUMMARY: The Skrreea, displaced humanoid farmers from the Gamma Quadrant, claim Bajor as Kentanna, their legendary homeland.

Or the alternate episode title I dubbed this "EVERYBODY LOVES BAJOR".

Great alternate title. Edited by Meushell
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I should've pursued my dream of being a comedian (or maybe a Sci-Fi writer!)


I remember reading an article some time ago about how TPTB weren't that happy with this episode, and they they used the "UNiversal Translator" glitch to heighten the tension.  WHich would would have worked, if the Skrreians hadn't turned out to be such collossal ass-hats!


I'm a little disappointed Sisko dind't play a larger part in this episode, this would have been a really good nod to his beginning to accept the title of "Emissary".


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I agree that the Skrreeans were too unsympathetic and that made the episode much less interesting than it could have been.  I think Haneek was so adamant that they settle on Bajor because she firmly believed it was the "promised land" their prophecies spoke of, and that it was the destiny of the Skreerans to settle there and help restore Bajor.  I got the impression that she truly believe the Skreeans would be a blessing to Bajor.


Perhaps if the script included a Bajoran prophecy that could be interpreted that way, the decision as to whether or not to allow the Skreerans to immigrate to Bajor would have been more complex and controversial.  But, the way the plot played out, it became clear that it was pretty much a no brainer to deny them sanctuary.  If this were first aired today, people might think it was a commentary on border crisis. 


Were the 3 young men, Haneek's sons or her "males"?  I got the idea they were essentially her concubines.  Didn't they all sleep with her and didn't she tell Kira that males can be "useful"? :)


My favorite moment was when Quark bared his fangs and hissed at the Skrreean youth who was trying to attack Nog (with good justification, of course.), and then Nog did his feeble imitation of Quark's hiss.


You'd think Quark would have seen a great opportunity to sell tulaberry skin lotion to the millions of "flaky" Skrreans.

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Were the 3 young men, Haneek's sons or her "males"? I got the idea they were essentially her concubines. Didn't they all sleep with her and didn't she tell Kira that males can be "useful"? :)

I believe the youngest was her son. At the end of the episode, they made a point to saying that he was still a child. Then again, the character could be even worse than I thought. I believe the other two males were her husbands.

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