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S03.E13: No Sun On The Horizon

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Another bat guano crazy episode in the books. A few thoughts in the aftermath:


So Sally needs to confess so she can hear God again? Is Sally saying she is like Jesus? I am a little sad her cuckoo meltdown happened away from the cameras on the show. That being said, I am glad Tom the secret service agent did not have to kill her.

Apparently there is a limit to Jake's affection for Olivia. And that limit is her latest hot and cold maneuver. I think when she rejected him and his Chinese food (crazy girl!) she completed his turn to the dark side. Boo.

I have no idea who got shot, but i am hoping that it is someone who was coming up behind David and James to kill them. Is it too much to hope it is Papa Pope? It would just solve a lot of problems. ;)

Okay in a less spoilery observation, there was not enough Mellie, Andrew, or a nice combination of the two. <wink wink> 

Also will some just get rid of Quinn. She has gone from useless to pissy and is serving no real purpose that I can tell. I would rather have the character Lena Dunham played on the Scandal SNL skit on the show. "I literally have a thousand questions."

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