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Emily Thorne: Red Pen Diva


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Emily Thorne Grayson nee Amanda Clarke...

Do you like her?  Do you like her clothes? Do you like her life choices?  Do you like her decision making process?

Do you think there is any possible way she can leave this show with a) her life, b) revenge, and c) a happy ending?

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Seeing as how she's Sharon Carter, I think the answer is a resounding YES.


Regarding Emily Thorne, I'm not sure a happy ending is possible for her anymore.  Of course it might have been if the writers had just left well enough alone and ended it last season with Emily locking Victoria in the nuthouse, having successfully exposed Conrad, and went off to live happily ever after with Nolan as her roommate.

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I'm going to predict that Emily will have at least a semi happy ending .  I'm confident she isn't going to die.  And the fans would never stand for anything happening to Nolan, so he will be OK, too. 

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So now that the show has ended and Amanda / Emily has supposedly never killed anyone, I have a question.


How many people has she killed? In this case, I would include people who died in self-defense or because of her actions, but not her overall revenge, because that would be everyone.

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