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Finally Got A Signal: Wilderness Media

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Wilderness is a 6 episode Drama/Thriller TV Series streaming on September 15, 2023 on Prime Video. Wilderness is based on the 2019 book Wilderness by B. E. Jones.


Wilderness features a happy British couple Liv and Will who seem to have it all: a rock-solid marriage; a glamorous new life in New York, thousands of miles from their provincial hometown; and they are still young enough to feel that their whole lives are ahead of them. That is, until Liv learns about Will’s affair. Heartbreak is swiftly followed by another emotion, fury. Revenge is her only option, then when Will proposes a camping road trip to several of America’s National Parks, something Liv has fantasized about since she was a little girl, culminating in a hedonistic weekend in Las Vegas. Liv sees a chance to plot her revenge, since in the "Wilderness" accidents happen all the time. That is until, the couple bump into Will’s colleague Cara, a young woman with a glittering career and her adoring boyfriend, Garth. Liv’s plans are wrecked, as the foursome go hiking together, Cara and Garth soon find themselves enmeshed in Will and Liv’s lives in a way that will change the course of all their future’s forever.


Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Will Taylor, a cheating husband  


Jenna Coleman as Liv Taylor, a scorned wife 



Eric Balfour as Garth


Ashley Benson as Cara


Claire Rushbrook as Caryl

Marsha Stephanie Blake as Detective Rawlins 

Morgana Van Peebles as Ash

Jonathan Keltz as Detective Wiseman 

Talia Balsam as Bonnie

Crystal Blint as Liana

Natalie Sharp as Marissa

Geoff Gustafson ad Zach 

Jake Foy as Anton

Vanessa Walsh as Supervising Ranger

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