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Are Real Housewives becoming real promoters?

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I just read this:



It raises some interesting points, the show is definitely a great platform for promoting personal products.


What do you guys think about the Gorgas move into document destruction?


That scene was a little strange, I kind of felt like Joe had been conned out of a lot of money for a concept nobody ever knew they wanted :)


Does anyone know what the business actually does?

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I don't think Joe actually paid "milliions and millions of dollars" for that truck as he claimed. I don't think they have millions and millions and given all the debt they have and the lawsuits and judgements they have against them I don't think they would qualify for a business loan. My guess is that was all for a storyline for the show. They rented a truck for a few months for filming, maybe Bravo paid the rental. I don't doubt though that Joe actually would be stupid enough to pay "millions and milllions" for that truck if he had the money, esp since he suppposedly purchased it without consulting Melissa.


There are actually businesses that shred sensitive documents for govt, doctors' offices, etc., I just don't think Joe's is one of them.


I read Kathy finally got her cookbook published. I don't think it's going to sell many copies and will never make NYT best seller list like some of Tre's did. I think people are tired of HW's hawking products.

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 "Next time I visit L.A, you know I want to stop by SUR for a meal with a side order of staff drama."

Yep, I sure did and will probably go to SUR or another Bravo-related restaurant my next trip to LA. :)

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