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Whodunnit? Speculation for The Afterparty

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Redditors have been astounding at finding Easter Eggs in each episode that say "not the [person]" that suggest that person (different ones each time) is not the killer. Here's the compilation thread that breaks down each one. The one in episode 7 and 6 were fairly easy to spot if you were looking (I didn't know), but some were done in Morse code or semaphore code.

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I guess I can put my guess here.



A person who is part of the cast, but wouldn't be missed if there was a Season 2.

A person who might have killed Xavier by "accident" or on purpose.

My theory not really based on anything concrete.

Jen 1 and Jen 2 are planning the High School reunion roughly 9 months ago when they start contacting students. Jen 1 and Jen 2 contact Xavier to see if he is coming, they get flirty and it ends up in a threeway. Both ladies get pregnant and nine months later are close to giving birth. I believe that Xavier said something about not having had sex with two pregnant women at the same time, when he was in the bathroom with Brett when telling Brett that he was going to sleep with Zoe. I am not sure if Ned was in the bathroom at that time, but Xavier may have had a backup plan of sleeping with Jen 1 and Jen 2, if the Zoe thing didn't work out. Jen 1 was having back problems at the afterparty and Jen 2's water probably broke. I think Ned (Jen 1's husband and prankster) killed Xavier after learning that the child wasn't his and that Xavier was sleeping with his wife, again. The only problem I have is when could this have happened. I was hoping that Jen 1 and Jen 2 had gotten a ride in the helicopter with Zoe and Xavier and when Zoe turned Xavier down he proceeded with plan B, and actually had the time to make it seem more plausible. 



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