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Gary: The Veep's Right Hand Man With the Bag

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Gary knows just what to say and who you are saying it to. Need a yogurt? A napkin? A search through a waste treatment plant? He's your go to guy.

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I love that Gary's girlfriend is Jessica St. Clair. I might not be on page with everyone, but I'm of the opinion that he has done well for himself. 

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I doubt any sees this post before I answer my own question but here goes.  You all know how Ben has a portrait of Thomas Jefferson in his office, and the Fat Wolverine portrait, well I can't find it but when I do I'll tell you all where it is, but there is a portrait of a "founding father" that is actually Gary. They do a couple of scenes in front of it wit Gary of course. It's not in one of the meeting rooms but in one of the hallways. I'm sure it's one of their inside jokes but it was noticeable with Gary's "doe eyes"

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