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  1. Stephanie1216

    S04.E09: The Birds & The Bees

    Yes John Grey is handsome but not on there enough and the fact that he’s not interested in girls makes him not eye candy for us viewing girls, meaning no hot steamy scenes with a girl. Seriously, and beautiful as Brianna is (BTW one of the best set of buttocks in hollywood) it was overshadowed by IMO Rogers unattractiveness. Why couldn’t they both be hot and sexy like Jamie and Claire? does any one else think young Ian could have been cast as a more grown up hottie? I hate to harp on the fact that the actors aren’t good looking enough but for goodness sakes the show set the bar high with Jamie and Claire being the damn sexiest couple on TV
  2. Stephanie1216

    S04.E09: The Birds & The Bees

    You love the costumes? i have almost stopped watching the show due to Rogers ridiculous short pants, as if he is not ugly and sissyfied enough already they put short pants on him and and teeny weeny ponytail. He grossed me out. The should have switched actors and made Bonnet Roger and Roger Bonnet. At this point I hate the rapist almost as much as I hate Roger. are they so afraid of hiring a good looking man to play against Jamie? Think about it, there are no good looking men cast on this show except for Jamie. Even young Ian could have been a “hottie”. Fergus is handsome but they made sure to marry him off and keep him in the back ground of the story
  3. Stephanie1216

    S04.E08: Wilmington

    I hate hate hate Roger Wakefield. I at first thought “it’s just that stupid beard” but then he shaves that off somehow has longer hair with a teeny tiny pony tail to go back in time. He’s a scholar trying to be a tough guy on a boat yuck. he gives bree ultimatums and when he has his shirt of YUCK shave your chest or work out YOU ARE NO JAMIE we don’t want to see your chest to go with your bad attitude. but the worst, what I REALLY HATE THOSE STUPID CUT OFF PANTS WTF? he looks real tough in those. and tha sickening line “i always wondered what color your hair was down there” SERIOUSLY
  4. Stephanie1216

    S05.E04: Buddy's Missing

    Yes, their is a dress code at almost all Golf courses and maybe 99% of courses in the south. Some public courses can’t really police the attire on the public but they certainly weren’t at a southern country club golf course or they 1. Wouldn’t want to be on her dirty TV show, 2. If they let her film they would want her in proper clothes which means simply a shirt with a collar and sleeves, shirts tucked in pants with a belt and absolutely no denim. Shes in tag clothes baring her arms /shoulders with flaming tattoos and can’t even ride in her golf cart with another person. And her immaturity had her trying to be funny driving a golf cart pretending not to know how to drive it etc, the deep belly laugh like she likes to do is annoying to other golfers on the course. people spend a lot of money for a round of golf and I seriously doubt they wanted it ruined so Whitney could do her ridiculous show. Her parents have a beautiful home so he must do very well at whatever he does. However, I think the “I Had a really good year at work and got a bonus I’m going to surprise your mom with Hawaii” is actually “TLC is sending us all to Hawaii because we might get a few more suckers to watch your show”. not to take anything away from her dad and his career but still, TLC is sending them to Hawaii. Look, I really think that Whitney had every intention of keeping that kitten for herself. They are just pretending to give it to Babs. She didn’t want to be criticized for getting a third cat so now she can say “well mom didn’t want him so I HAD to keep him” as if either of them needed that bizarre kitten
  5. Stephanie1216

    S05.E04: Buddy's Missing

    Ugh this so called woman. didnt Ashley tell Whitney not to make it about herself? What does Whitney do? Cry during a baby diaper class about her pretend pregnancy last season. I can’t believe that she and production are still going on with that ridiculous pregnancy routine they were putting on TLC. No one was buying it but she can drum up tears and ruin everyone else’s moment. but even funnier, the actual funny story on the show is her battle to get her so callled dance class back from her friend. Now that’s the story they should film. I’d love to see those two girls have at.
  6. Stephanie1216

    S05.E03: Big Fat Ambush

    The sight of all the extremely fat women swarming over this man in his tiny car in random North Carolina is funny as hell. no dish to NC I’m from VA so I love the south it’s just so funny
  7. Stephanie1216

    S05.E01: Rescue Me

    You’ve been watching that Coen Brothers movie with Ralph Fiennes. Damn I can’t remember the title. With George Clooney and Channing Tatum Tap dancing. That’s the only other time I’ve heard the word “mirthless laugh” And in the Big Girls Class, is it just me or many of the regulars are losing weight and looked really good. When Whitney came in it is very noticeable that she is twice their size.
  8. Stephanie1216

    S08.E16: Emotional Roller Coaster

    I'm sure an 8 year old boy is thrilled to go to a wedding dress fitting in New York City. He does just give the answers to Jenelle and Barb that they want to hear and the stating his tried feeling following up with the "I'm kidding" is such an obvious sign that Jenelle will ignore
  9. Stephanie1216

    S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    We are somewhat numb to the incest but Dany and Jon are THE MOST BORING characters on tv. they are only cool when teamed up with someone else. Ex: Jon and Sam, Jon and Igritte, I guess that's it. I liked Dany when she was in love with Drogo, her and Dario were hot, I enjoy it when her and Misandre are just being girlfriends, braiding each other's hair, talking about men or in the first dragon pit reaching out for each other and holding hands because they are real friends. Dany has more chemistry with her girlfriend than with Jon I agree about too much time on Grey Worm and M. I have yet to watch that scene and not FF. Who knew Jons butt was so big? Danys had two good lovers and Jon has had one. Their sex should have been much sexier. Not boring missionary, nor wild whorehouse sex but sexy, like the couple on Outlander, now they have chemistry.
  10. Stephanie1216

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Since the show changed names that sounded too much alike, why in the world did they keep Melasandre and Missande's name son similar? Those two names should have been broken up. They are difficult enough as it is and now we all get them confused and backwards and I'm certain I can't even spell them correctly.
  11. Stephanie1216

    Season 7: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    No one has said it was a wig just me. I re watched after typing this. Everything looks ok until the ice rock island. I noticed in the scene when Thoros died. Lots of snow in his hair but it was so poofy and perfect it made me look closer. When your hair is wet it gets flat and heavy not poofy and then the hairline is different. When he comes out of the water I think it's his hair, too many baby hairs around his face. But in the Bed/Dany scene it's too perfect again. He's never going to say he wore a wig. He is too proud of his hair. He does have great hair.
  12. Stephanie1216

    Season 7: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Regarding Danys hair I don't like the braids at all but she wears them WAY too much. All of the hair on the show has looked bad anyway. Sansa it's ok better than when she was in the capital season one and two. She's wearing it plain like her mom and it's prettier that way. Aryas hair looks thin and stringy and greasy in the little bit she leaves down in the back, in particular you can see through it before her and Briennes stupid fight. And they way it's pulled back makes her look like a melon head. She looked cuter in the silly pigtail bun/braids in Bravos Cersais hair hasn't grown back in two years? And her handmaiden had her hair cut off so I guess they aren't changing it. It looks terrible and the handmaidens actually was cut better. Jon is totally wearing a wig in the scene when Thoros died and they burn him (that's when I noticed it) his real hairline has a widows peak that is off center and his hairline is crooked, when you watch that scene you will see a perfectly centered widowspeak and hairline plus his hair is poofy on top with the snow. Even in the boat/Dany scene I think he has on the wig. but the worst wig is Danys Dothraki Hottie that speaks English. His hair and makeup look terrible. I don't even know if that goatee is real or fake anymore.
  13. Stephanie1216

    Season 7: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Yeah but the horse riding Zombies are the brains of the operations, the dummy Zombies are just disposable. Horse ridering Zombies=Killer, Dummy Zombies =Filler
  14. Stephanie1216

    Season 7: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Did anyone else think the Zombies were hilarious? Seriously, they captured one and it was a spitten' and a frettin' and a snarlin' on the rock island. i had on the CC and it kept saying Snarling I laughed but I don't think that was suppose to be funny. also, how many dumb zombies just kept walking right into the water before they stopped? They are so stupid. Also when they are running some of them run all zombiel-like which is also funnier than it is scary. The Hound knocking that ones jaw off was suppose to be funny and he called them "dumb c**** which they are apparently. confused why a man can't outsmart these Dumb you know what's.
  15. Stephanie1216

    Season 7: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    ITA he's a multi-tasking MF He did all that while competing in tournaments, singing in disguise in Flea Bottom, donating his earnings to the orphanage, composing music with his harp, fighting in the occasional battle, brushing his silver hair 100 times a day per Marcia Brady, being a BFF to Arthur Dwayne and others that they loved him so much to die for his unborn baby and he produced a son, not a daughter, to be the chosen one to save the world. And why isn't the show about this guy?