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[BUG?] Receiving Notifications from Ignored Users

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Weird thing that has suddenly started happening.

When one or more posters comment on a forum and threads I'm following, I get notification that the poster on my ignored list has commented. I don't get such notification if just the ignored poster has commented.

Happens on my PC (Windows 10/Google Chrome) and iPhone/Safari.

I pm'd @SilverStormm, but haven't heard anything back about this.

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Best way to get this seen quicker is to post bugs etc in here rather than via PM unless specifically requested. Would you specify (via pm for courtesy reasons) which ignored users you are getting these notifications for please and I'll take a look.


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1 hour ago, SilverStormm said:

I've reset that user's ignored status. Let me know if it happens again please.

Thanks and will do.

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