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[BUG, RESOLVED] Videos auto-playing on mobile device


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It doesn't seem like it has always been like this, but recently I've noticed that a lot of videos seem to auto-play when I'm scrolling on my iPhone.  An example of a page where this is happening a lot (go up to the top of the page and start scrolling down for examples):

At first I thought maybe I was touching the "play" button as I scrolled, but it seems to be happening as I just scroll - maybe if I touch anywhere on the video display as I scroll.  I'm definitely seeing it happen with Youtube; maybe other videos as well.  Surely this can't be on purpose, can it?  It's not so much the playing itself, but the volume.  When I read through the forum, I don't want the audio to suddenly come on!

I've double-checked my account settings and I don't see any way to control this.  On my PC (no touch screen), I'm not having this issue. 

If it is on purpose (not a bug), please consider this a suggestion to stop that behavior or at least make it an option in my account settings.  Thanks!

I should add, this is using Firefox on an iPhone SE.  (Firefox is the only browser that works on the site for me, so I couldn't see if others behaved the same way.)

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Apologies for the delay, the notification on this got lost in a myriad of others it seems. 

This is possibly due to a maintenance release that's outstanding currently but I'll put a ticket in with the devs to double check just in case.

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