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Life of Crime: 1984-2020

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From HBO press release:


LIFE OF CRIME: 1984-2020 (November 30), an intimate verite documentary that spans 36 years in the lives of three friends from Newark and captures the highs and lows of the vicious cycles of drug addiction and street crime in one of the roughest parts of New Jersey. Directed by Jon Alpert.

Premieres on Tuesday, November 30 9-11pm ET on HBO and HBO Max

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On 10/30/2021 at 6:51 PM, GussieK said:

is this going to be a catch-up on the people in the original documentary I saw in 1984?  Haunting. I can’t believe any of those people would still be alive. 

Sorry, I don't know

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1 minute ago, DanaK said:

Sorry, I don't know

Answering my own question:  It appears to be the same crew.  But who knows how it will turn out.  Some of those people must be dead.  I think some had AIDS and were really sick 25 years ago.  It appears they are following up on later generations.


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What was most disturbing about this documentary was the domestic violence shown. And that one of the kids witnessed one of the women being beaten with a bat. The abuse was apparently precipitated by the woman’s desire not to bring a child into that situation - criminality, domestic violence and drug addiction/abuse. I wonder if she was able to get that abortion? I hope so. Because that was also very disturbing, that these people were bringing kids into this horrible situation. 

Not at all surprised how this ended. 36 years of robbing, stealing, being in/out of prison and drug addiction/ abuse how else could it have ended? If this ended well for anyone it would’ve been a miracle. 

I do find it interesting how these folks featured were able to drift in and out of jail, in and out of criminality, in and out of addiction and got chance after chance to get it together. All this was going on at the height of the crack epidemic when blacks were severely punished for any behavior related to drug use or distribution, but these folks managed to skirt that. Of course we know why. The documentary didn’t address this at all. Not begrudging the producers for this as that’s not what this documentary was about, just pointing out the obvious. 

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