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S06.E14: Princess Day

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This week: The awesomeness that is Princess Day! Watch 'em fight amongst themselves over petty matter of state. Well, except for Princess Bubblegum, who gets too into her crossword puzzle. And after Breakfast Princess insults Lumpy Space Princess, LSP teams with Marceline to create havoc in the Breakfast Kingdom.


Why do I feel that this episode shouldn't have worked? Turning LSP and Marceline into Thelma & Louise was inspired, with the vampire queen winding up LSP throughout the episode. And Marceline makes for a great balance to LSP's petty self. The episode had the potential to fail, but there was enough fun (and vandalism) to make it work.

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Marceline was probably slumming . . . she is a queen, after all.


How many princesses has Maria Bamford played? I know she's Slime Princess, and I think she's also Raggedy Princess and Hot Dog Princess. I'm too lazy to check right now.

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