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Serena Stevens: Cop, Mother, Accent Optional...

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I kinda hate how Stevens gets totally ignored around here.  I think she was the one Nichols partner not forced to take a backseat to him whenever they were busting perps.  I remember Wheeler and even Eames were.


Gotta say my favorite Stevens moment was when Callas sent her undercover and she used Saffron Burrows's real accent.  If only because it allowed us to see what a killer body Saffron had.  I didn't even mind the catcalls she got when she returned to the station, because . . . why not?  She had a good body, she knew it, and she clearly loved taking it in.

I guess every once in a while, I love seeing the female detectives flaunt what they've got.

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Well, to be fair, like Barek, Stevens lasted only a season which was 14 episodes (plus Loyalty parts 1 and 2, which were still G/E focused, so S9 was a total of 16 episodes overall), so it's probably all too simple to see her as a footnote, fair or not.


Maybe it would have been different had she lasted?

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No, she was a bag of bones with a personality to match and I rooted for the shark in Deep Blue Sea.


Ouch! LOL! But your prerogative! I think - as I have said prior - maybe if they had just made her a Brit as a cop in the states, SB could have relaxed more. It seemed like she was trying to keep a death grip on her American accent, so she always seemed on her guard.

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Okay...we all have opinions about the acting ability of any and all the leads. It's inevitable. We'll just all never agree. Opinions on said actors are fair game, though.


To be fair, S9 was underwritten and seemed like it was just treading water. I hate Nichols, too, but even I can admit he was semi tolerable in S8 since it seemed like TPTB bothered to try. S9? It made everyone look bad. It's too bad that Stevens was in that unfortunate season. Perhaps Stevens could have been a better character had SB had something to work with.

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