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I really wanted to figure out who knew each other, and from when... so I did some digging. Thought others may want to know the history between some of the Challengers! (Italicized seasons are challenge seasons with only one OG in the cast or was the original RW/RR season for more than one person)

S02 (1999): Beth, Mark
RW8 (1999): Ruthie, Teck
S03 (2000): Teck, Yes
S04 (2001): Laterrian, Syrus
S05 (2002): Beth, Jisela, Yes
S06 (2002): Aneesa, Beth, Jisela, Laterrian, Mark, Ruthie, Syrus, Yes
RR11 (2002): Darrell, Kendal
RW12 (2002-03): Alton, Arissa, Trishelle

S07 (2003): Alton, Darrell, Katie, Laterrian
S08 (2004): Ace, Darrell, Katie, Kendal, Syrus, Trishelle
S09 (2004-05): Ace, Aneesa, Arissa, Derrick, Katie, Mark, Ruthie
S10 (2005): Beth, Darrell, Derrick
S11 (2005-06): Ace, Alton, Aneesa, Beth, Derrick, Jisela, Katie, Mark, Ruthie, Syrus
S12 (2006): Darrell, Derrick, Eric, Katie
S13 (2006-07): Aneesa, Beth, Derrick, Eric, Nehemiah
S14 (2007): Ace, Alton, Aneesa, Derrick
S15 (2008): Beth, Eric, Katie, Nehemiah
S16 (2008): Derrick, KellyAnne
S17 (2009): Aneesa, Eric, Katie, Mark, Nehemiah, Ruthie
S18 (2009): Darrell, Derrick, Katie, KellyAnne, Syrus
S19 (2010): Darrell
S20 (2010): Derrick, Eric, Katie
S21 (2011): Aneesa, Jonna, Nehemiah
S22 (2012): Aneesa, Mark
S23 (2012): Alton, Eric, Jemmye, Jonna, Trishelle
S24 (2013): Aneesa, Jemmye, Jonna, Trishelle
S25 (2014): Aneesa, Jemmye, Jonna
S26 (2015): Jemmye, Jonna
S27 (2015-16): Aneesa, KellyAnne
S28 (2016): KellyAnne
S29 (2017): Darrell

S30 (2017): Aneesa, Darrell, Derrick, Jemmye
S31 (2018): Jemmye
S32 (2018): Jemmye
S35 (2020): Aneesa

S36 (2020-21): Aneesa, Darrell

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30 minutes ago, AntFTW said:

Don't forget season 20, Cutthroat.

Good catch, thank you! I had it, but I think when I went back to do italics I deleted it somehow.

Also I find it wild that despite their combined 18 appearances before the Dirty 30 season, that was the first time Aneesa and Darrell were on the same season!

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