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S01.E04: I Want a New Life

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Propelled by her dad to pitch in, Hazel reverts to old money-making schemes and runs into her former best friend Bangles, who inspires her to remember the person she was before Byron. After exhausting the ways to lead Hazel back home of her own volition, Byron reveals the frightening lengths he’s willing to go to get his wife back.

Airs April 8th.

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There’s just so much going on in this show. Both of the main characters wanted to check out of real life. We know that Hazel had a bad home life and wanted to escape to an easier life while Byron seems to want a sanitized fantasy world where he controls everything and everyone in it. We don’t yet know how or why he came to be like that. He seems to have purposely chosen her because he knew she was desperate and never imagined she would balk at the idea of the chip and sharing a brain, but wasn’t willing to take her opinion of it into consideration anyway. We’ve also got her dad who seemingly has checked out of life after grieving his wife’s death and is now in a Lars and the Real Girl situation. 

Bangles was really wacky. She seemed to blame her life falling apart on her best friend taking the dress that she loaned to her. I’m not really sure what she added to the overall story though. I’m surprised that she didn’t suggest that she and Hazel get an apartment together or something to help Hazel start over. That’s what most best friends would do.  

I didn’t really understand the scene with the guy from the bar at his trailer. I thought at first Hazel was going to have sex with him as an eff you to her husband while he watched. Then it seemed more like she just wanted to control someone else the way she was being controlled then the scene just ended. It seemed very weird that the episode ended with Hazel and Byron saying good night to each other on the phone. I really hope this isn’t leading to them really being in love now that they’ve gotten to know each other. I’m pretty sure Byron would be cool with her being the one to die if one of them has to go after the merge.  

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