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Charlotte: Where are we going to go?

Ray: I'm thinking Alaska.

Charlotte: Alaska?

Ray: Yeah, it's cold and Mexicans don't like the cold.


Ray: I say we act like white people and disappear and let our lawyer do the talking.


Eleanor: I don't wear pink. It's for whores and little girls who want to be princesses.



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Ray: Eventually we'll get a boat and I can teach the boys how to catch salmon while you sunbathe on the deck and read Twilight or whatever.


Driver: Can you stop humming that? We can listen to a CD. You like Metallica? The black album? Taylor Swift? My wife got me into her.

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Hank was on fire tonight!

Hank: Have you ever peed in the ocean?

Sonya: Why would I do that?

Hank: I always get soft after I've been shot.

Sonya: Eleanor had help.

Hank: Cesar. That's the asshat that stole my folding knife.

Hank: If you know anything about Joe McKenzie, you better tell me or I'll kick your ass!

Daniel: I've been working on this story for months.

Hank: What are you going to do? Blog about it?

Daniel: Yeah, at fascistcop.com - you still running it?

Elliot: You're bleeding.

Hank: Little bit.

Elliot: We're managing things.

Hank: You're not managing shit.

Fausto: Maybe I'll go to the Americans and tell my story to Oprah.

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