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Taking a personality test can provide fun and useful insights into our sense of self, but many may not realize how deeply embedded personality assessments are in everything we do. This riveting documentary explores the unexpected origin story of America's great obsession with personality testing, uncovering the complicated history behind the world-famous Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Raising a slew of ethical questions and demonstrating how other personality tests may do more harm than good – from impacting online dating matches, to job prospects, and more – this eye-opening film reveals the profound ways that ideas about personality have shaped our society.

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I was surprised to find out that Myers-Briggs isn't based on any kind of science. The background was very interesting, but not surprising that it's racist and classist. I've had to take similar tests for job applications and noticed how biased the questions are against people with mental illness (I have depression and anxiety). I have never gotten a response from any company that uses those tests and I won't ever again bother applying to a company that uses them.

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