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S.2 Ep.07 Worried Sick

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Airing February 23, 2021

Overwhelmed, overworked and over it, Lexi reaches her breaking point; Jen realizes everyone needs a pick-me-up and plans a glamping trip for the staff; before they leave, Lexi gets a cuckoo request for a set of talking bird nails.

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Not crazy about this episode, although once again Lexi’s creativity and talent is amazing.  The glamping was a bit annoying.  Come on Jen didn’t know enough to turn on the BBQ.  Lexi’s hate for Matthew is unparalleled.  The one friend seemed very annoyed with her and told her to be nice once in a while.  Unfortunately for her that jerk will be in her life for a long time.  

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Glamping...all they did was spend the night in a motor home. I was hysterical over their ridiculous getups. Especially Bria's "Pebbles Flintstone" hairdo and those camo stilettos. Lexi looked more like a construction worker with the reflective vest and boots. Anyone notice Bria's witchy nose was in her phone the entire time? The whole situation with Gia was very weird. At first I was wondering why no one was helping the poor girl, but then realized they were trying not to catch whatever she might had. Being all stuck in that small motorhome with her overnight, they needed to Lysol and Clorox wipe the hell out of it before getting back inside! I assume that's why we see Jen in next week's episode sick, and feigning possible inability to attend the wedding. (We all know THAT isn't happening). 

So now those plastic cases for carrying cats are for birds as well? I still worry they don't get enough air in those things. My 13 year old daughter watched this segment and had questions. "Why are these type of nails necessary? How could they possibly do anything wearing them?" Out of the mouths of babes, folks, I told her they were only for, most likely, a brief event that doesn't involve going to the bathroom. 

Anyone take a close look at Foxy and notice it looks like she's almost bald on the sides of her head?

PLEASE, for the love of cheese, let's get this ridiculous, OTT wedding over with next week. We see Lexi storming out yet again over the inability to give a speech, but looks like she's showing up in one of her KISS costumes to attempt to upstage the bride. (I said this before, love that Lexi has a quirky style, but save some of these getups for other venues...not your sister's wedding. As much as I do like her, I feel like she's got several issues beyond the tough act, inability to share emotions beyond anger, and the constant berating of Matt). 

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3 hours ago, GussieK said:

I skipped most of this as I just didn’t want to watch them glamping and fighting. I’ll be back tonight. 

I'll probably be skipping most of the wedding episode! You KNOW Jen and Lexi will be there, so what's the point of the speech fight and COVID drama. I will wait until I can fast forward. LOL

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