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S28.E02: Cops-R-Us

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One of the things I like about Survivor is that the strategy of the game has progressed over time.  Now, even more than ever before, the endgame is the only game.  This means that non-end-game issues, like a poor challenge performance or not helping around camp or being non-young/non-athletic, don't necessarily spell doom in the early episodes the way they used to.  Probst clearly HATES it and finds it mystifying that tribes no longer make it a priority to vote out their [Probst-defined] weakest member.  But I like the evolution.  Keeps the game fresh-ish.

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I agree, but it's a little frustrating that the producers choose people who have clearly never seen the show before and don't know what it's about (like Garrett or Jefra). I'm not saying everyone has to be a Cochran, but it makes it more interesting when the contestants at least understand the show they're on. 

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Totally.  The fact that seasons of the show don't exist in a vacuum makes it frustrating when players enter as relative newbies.  As always, I expect that there will be a bunch of boring middle episodes when said newbies get separated from the wheat of the game.

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