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The Tutorial: The Music and Poetry of Morse


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In this thread: http://forums.previously.tv/topic/11319-s02e04-neverland

Driad wrote

Since there isn't a music/sound thread:  At the end of the episode, just before the music starts, there is what sounds like Morse code, which would be appropriate.  Is it Morse code?  If it is, what does it say?

jjj responded

It is well known in musical circles that the theme spells out the name "Morse" in Morse Code.  The composer Barrington Pheloung has also related that he sometimes spells out the name of the villain in Morse Code in some episodes -- so the dots and dashes can change from episode to episode.  I love the theme.


Music and poetry features prominently in the Morse-verse (even Robbie Lewis begins listening to classical music.)


Use this thread to list and discuss the music and poetry  (art too) featured in the programs.


Un bel dì, vedremo
levarsi un fil di fumo
sull'estremo confin del mare.


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I wrote in another thread that I adore the theme music to both Inspector Morse and Endeavour. The scores are marvelous, exquisite. The cleverness of embedding the sound of musical morse code and the utter loveliness of the string instruments... FABULOUS -- I. 'Luv'. It!

Superb, Pheloung, superb!


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