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S01.E08: Pomp and Circumstance

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I ended up watching the whole thing, albeit out of order. I liked them all a lot more a lot more than I expected, even the second (funeral) episode that I went back and finished after losing interest the first time (large bickering family dynamics usually just bug me). Glad I did, or I wouldn’t have seen the later twist. 

The one with the mom with COVID19 was heartbreaking. The actor playing her husband was killing it. He was so clearly just hanging on by a thread.

The nurse and professor trying to juggle caring for each other’s families was fantastic and a window into a completely foreign world for me. I loved Earnestine’s interjections and observations (I didn’t catch what communication device she was using).

The retired couple felt way too real, as did the gay couple. Both their situations resonated with me, for different reasons.

The finale, argued from two perspectives of Black Americans on the murder of George Floyd, was eye opening for me. They had to keep reminding us subtly that the pandemic was happening, but the (literal) framing device of the remote A/V setup work was a nice change.

Speaking of that, I appreciated the way they used different kinds of technology to showcase each episode. I guess there was some product placement in there, but at the same time these devices are becoming as ubiquitous as toasters. 

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