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Coming soon to HBO Max --- where all the other DC Comics shows went after the DC Universe streaming service went kaput----

and also to Cartoon Network, just in case you don't subscribe to a streaming service,  it's "Batwheels",

the adventures of a group of sentient crimefighting vehicles in Gotham City.

(Why they haven't made a comic book about that yet I have NO IDEA)


Bam (The Batmobile) protects Gotham City with the help of his (I assume he is male) friends-----

BIbi (The Batgirl Cycle), Red (Robin's Redbird),

(it's a car in the comics but in the fourth 90s movie it was a bike so who knows??)

Jett (The Batwing), and Buff (The Bat Truck).

I assume they will be protecting Gotham City from the Jokermobile, Penguin's limousine,

Catwoman's motorcycle, and many other evil vehicles.


I know Cartoon Network "adores" programs aimed at little kids, so this show will no doubt

replace "Teen Titans Go" as the show that they air eighteen times every single day.

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So...Batman, but set in the (Pixar) Cars universe.  Or something like that...

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Or something like that.......

(Hilariously, I had written almost the same thing in a now-mod-deleted subtitle), but, no, it's more like

That kids Transformer cartoon where the Rescue Bots are helping the human family

while standing in "complete awe" with what a sundae or a basketball is.

(Do foxes actually trot????)

According to the article (which I should have read a little better), Batman, Robin, and the whole Bat-family

are still battling the human enemies of Gotham City  ---  They are just being assisted by sentient vehicles.

(who are going to be in "complete awe" by what a sundae or a basketball is)

Did I mention that it's a cartoon aimed at little kids????

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