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Notes from the Mod

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Welcome to the Saturday Night Live forum!

With the forty sixth season kicking off, a good time to go over some housekeeping;

  • Live posting during the show is not just allowed, it's encouraged! Episode topics are started prior to the show airing, so feel free to jump in and share your thoughts during the show. If you're not able to watch it live, please know that entering the topic MAY spoil you for the show itself.
  • Be sure to read the pinned politics policy in the forum. Because of the nature of the show, politicians will come up in discussion. Discussion needs to be in the context of the show, Just because a politician is played or mentioned on the show does not open the door to discussion of their politics.
  • Posts that are reported will often be automatically hidden since all the mods are volunteers, and we help manage each others forums when we're not available. Once I'm able to review, it may stay hidden or it may be restored. If you have a post disappear, please send me, @saoirse, a PM, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
  • Please do not discuss mod actions in topic. Again, PM me if you have questions.
  • There are a lot of topics, and some of them may seem redundant. With old SNL episodes appearing soon on Peacock, there will be some changes to some topics, and those will be coming soon, with some explanation of what should get posted where.

Thanks, all! 

Your SNL forum mod,


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We have restructured a bit here with season 46 kicking off!

Here is where to discuss what going forward;

Please PM me with any questions or for any clarifications. Posts that are off topic may be removed without notification.

Thanks, all!


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Welcome to season 47 of SNL! Just a reminder to take a look at this topic if you have questions, and check out the politics policy as well. As always, PM me, your forum mod ( @saoirse ) with questions. Mod actions are not allowed to be discussed in topic, so the PM is the way to go if you aren't sure why a post disappeared. And of course, feel free to live chat the episode in the episode topic!

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New season is upon us! And with that, a few reminders!

  • See above for instructions on where to post what.
  • Same rules on the politics policy apply.
  • As always, mod actions are not to be discussed in topic.
  • And just a friendly reminder - with the updates to the site inclusion policy, please be mindful as you post. We will give some grace as we are all learning as we go, but repeat violations will result in further action.
  • Questions? PM me, the forum moderator, @saoirse.

Thanks, all, hope to see you live-posting soon!

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