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United Kingdom S02.E03: Danielle

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Good episode, but the woman, for all her "I should be a detective" nonsense, was quite dim.  I mean if you're catfishing someone, there's always the possibility they're catfishing you too.   Her lawyer was smart (and hot), he knew what was up as soon as the detectives started talking.

She should go to jail for a few years, and get sued too.

But did they explain why her kids were taken away?

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This episode and the previous episode highlight the inequity of false accusation consequences. Jon Snow is told to get stuffed when asking police for help to restore his reputation. Danielle goes to jail for smearing the wrong guy although the real pedophile would have remained undetected without her involvement. An innocent man has no protection when the police are the ones making false accusations.

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It never occurred to Danielle that if she was pretending to be someone else, the person she was communicating with could also be pretending to be someone else. 

She was just stupid, hasn't she ever watched "Catfish?"

That's why on "To Catch A Predator" they always had the men show up somewhere, that way they knew they had the right people. 

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