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Australian/British dramedy (?) now getting a run on HBO Max.

The first ep was a bit uneven, but got funnier for me as it went along. I did get very distracted by how Sarah Kendall's character, from certain angles, looks remarkably like Jason "Star of Forgetting Sarah Marshall" Segel in drag. (That's not a knock on Kendall; both she and Segel are attractive people.)

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I'm so glad to see this thread pop up!  I've watched them all (IMO unfortunately too few episodes), and I think they got better and better.  And I found them funny and surprisingly naughty but in different ways than usual.  I love the 80s drag, and the characters are unique and refreshingly funny/crazy.  A little bit of serious, a lot of trashy/vulgar funny, and some awww.  I hope there's a season 2!

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I have a policy of watching at least two episodes of a new show before I decide if I’m out. Often the first episode of a show spends way too much time just setting things up and isn’t much like the rest of the series. In this case I thought the first episode was pretty depressing. So I’m happy I watched episode 2 and decided to stick it out. The episodes just kept getting better and better! 

The ending was a little confusing. Did they clean up, dispose of Terry’s body and then just stay instead of returning to London? Glad there’s a secomd season coming!

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So many shows do a big cliffhanger to end a season, and then start the next by resetting, by backing away from the cliffhanger. So it's really interesting so far how Frayed's Season 2 is progressing. Two episodes in, and they're really dealing with Terry's death -- and in a really intriguing back-and-forth-in-time way as well. I dig it!

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