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Anticipation for The House

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The House is a stop-motion animated dark comedy series in three parts arriving January 14 on Netflix. All three Chapters will be available to stream on Netflix upon release.


Three unconnected stories of the past, the present and the future connected by "The House". 

Three visionary tales. One unforgettable place. 

Story 1 
A human family of four are the central characters of this first story, directed by Marc Roels and Emma de Swaef. Set in the 1800s, an impoverished Raymond meets a mysterious benefactor who promises to restore both him and his family to their former wealthy status. The family soon learns that wants and desires may not always lead you where you expect. 
Chapter One Cast:
Matthew Goode voices Raymond, a father who strives for something more for his family.
Claudie Blakley voices Penelope.
Mia Goth voices Mabel, the daughter of Raymond and Penelope.
Mark Heap voices Mr. Thomas.
Miranda Richardson voices Aunt Clarice Clarke.
Josh McGuire voices Uncle Georgie.
Stephanie Cole voices Great Aunt Eleanor.

Story 2 
The second story, directed by Niki Lindroth von Bahr, is set in the present day 21st century and the protagonist is a rat who is a harassed property developer trying to make a quick turnaround sale of a recently renovated home, who is interrupted by some eerie unannounced unexpected guests who have other plans and become the catalyst to a more personal transformation for the property developer.
Chapter Two Cast:
Jarvis Cocker voices the Contractor who is determined to refurbish the house.
Yvonne Lombard and Sven Wollter (deceased) voice the Odd Couple, the curious and mysterious potential buyers.
Dizzee Rascal voices the Policeman.

Story 3 
Directed by Paloma Baeza, the third story is set in a desolate and barren landscape in the future, the house survives in a vastly changed landscape. 

We meet a cat named Rosa, a young landlady determined to stay in her beloved dilapidated house and will do everything she can in order to restore her home to its former glory. But Rosa’s unrealistic expectations have blinded her to the steady decline that is inevitable. Her expectations do not align with reality. and like the captain of sinking ship, Rosa refuses to leave her crumbling home. In the end, this life lesson must happen in order for her to realize what truly matters.
Chapter Three Cast:
Susan Wokoma voices Rosa, the landlady determined to restore the house to its former glory.
Helena Bonham-Carter voices Jen, an eccentric tenant.
Paul Kaye voices Cosmos, a spiritual friend of Jen’s.
Will Sharpe voices Elias, a sensitive young artist and tenant.

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