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S01E01: "Episode One"

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This far exceeded my expectations.  This is a must watch.  Great songs, great jokes, very good animation, good acting.  So pleased with this.  I'm not even a particularly big Bob's Burger's fan, but this has everything good about that show, and a ton more added on top.

And I totally loved the slow burn on this episode.  We know the main plot of the show from the ads, if you've seen it, but it doesn't even come up in this episode other than a tiny little set up establishing the characters.  But we get a wonderful introduction to all of the characters.

I actually think Gad is the MVP here.  Not just his behind the scenes role, but I think his off-kilter character is definitely the glue binding this together.  Also I totally love Bitsy's subversive assistant, who barely bothers being obsequious and barely hides her contempt, but Bitsy is so over the top egotistical she doesn't even notice .  It's an old cliche, but man is it done well here.  Speaking of Bitsy... yes, Stanley Tucci was the right person for this. It just.... works.

And to carry the bulk of the songs we have singing MVPs like Kristen Bell, Leslie Odom Junior, Tituss Burgess... all who are Grade A picks for musical comedy.  Kathryn Hahn seems like a bit of a minor miss for that, but okay... you get one strike.  

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My son and I are really enjoying it. I'm assuming they'll have a second season since Molly's voice actor is being recast. I hope it catches on, maybe if the first season is put on another platform too like Amazon or Netflix. 

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