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Mary Hamilton: Voice Of Reason, Voice Of Comfort, & Provider Of Alcohol

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I think Mary was probably always meant to be a popular character. She's the "funny, ditzy" socialite who Robin Hood's as a doctor in a clinic she set up. What's not to love? And it provides the contrast because Kate doesn't really try and hide her seriousness behind a persona in that way. The real estate CEO is basically just her, as is the bar. 

That said I love what NK did with the role. Her facial expressions are hilarious and the way she can pitch the way she says things just perfectly between shallow and serious as socialite!Mary really works, I'll always remember her with Sophie and husband. 

I love that she didn't freak out at Kate when she discovered her secret, even though Kate had found out her's a while ago. And when she drunkenly hypothesised the entire plot of COIE in a few sentences and bizarrely didn't have an issue with Beth despite not believing herself. 

She also did really well in her scenes with her mother when Alice poisoned her and her utterly tired way of shutting off her SM gone insane afterwards. I liked how she was aware of the fact that she was running around like crazy trying to help Jacob because she was trying to outrun her grief and doing it anyway. 


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