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S01.E07: Sisters Over Misters

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After another pricey peck, the group dynamic continues to shift. Rhonda shares more with Sharron. The women let loose and learn about empowerment.


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Textbook example of low self-esteem. Chloe likes Corri but Corri is an ass (and not too bright) so he decides to ask out Fran and get to know her. Chloe gets upset at Corri, but not enough to confront him because she still has hope he likes her and will “choose her”. So how does she get out her anger? By blaming the girl, who she can project everything bad onto and cut her out because it’s easier to lose Fran than to “lose Corri”. A mature and confident person confronts Corri immediately and doesn’t give him another chance, because why bother? There are plenty of other guys and she hasn’t invested anything in the relationship. 

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