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Gretchen Cutler: The Publicist

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OK we need to talk about the overall picture of Gretchen.

She was depressed in previous seasons but now, in the Season 4 finale, she has self-esteem problems, that she "fundamentally" believes she doesn't deserve to be loved.

And she blames her upbringing, her family.

But as we saw when she went back home, she blows off the family and reconnects with a previous acquaintance who beat cancer and grew while Gretchen acted her irresponsible self.

So the leading lady of the series has a lot of things going on but the picture which emerges isn't really that clear or consistent.  It kind of feels like they've thrown a a lot of different psychiatric and emotional problems onto the character, without regard for putting together a coherent story of her life.

Maybe they didn't expect 5 full seasons so they've had to shift around ideas each season.

You wouldn't expect Gretchen and Jimmy to pull it together in the final season, given how many times they've failed in the previous 4.  But this is television so they may be headed towards a conventional ending when the characters they've shown seem unlikely to find any kind of conventional resolution.

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