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Lori Stevens: Batshit Crazy or Just Delusional

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Kidnapper and who knows what else.


From the episode thread, it was posed why she didn't take both twins.


I'm not surprised Lori didn't take both children for a lot of reasons. One, whatever mental issue says hey take a kid, one kid would likely satisfy that need. She doesn't "need" two.


It's going to be way harder to hide two little girls from prying eyes. Twins draw attention, even twins that aren't identical just because it'll have people going "Oh are they twins? Wait, are those those MISSING twins?" Any recent cases I can recall where more than one child was taken the person was found. So it just lessens the odds of success.


Cost, expense, two mouths to feed, two to clothe etc. Harder to keep a hand on. They might try and run away from you.  You can carry one 3 year old, two would be harder.


Seems like Carter's appearance resembled Lori Stevens a lot more than Taylor's did, so easier to pass off as her own.


I think it would have made the task of making them forget about their family harder. They were young but old enough to talk to each other about mommy and daddy.


Between the two personalities, it seems like Carter was the more outgoing. Less likely to spend all her time away from her parents crying and asking about them, easier to tempt with candy to come out of the yard. Even among two 3 year olds, a stranger approaches and one might run away and the other might go say Hi. So even if she did attempt to take them both, Taylor could have refused to be lured to her.


Or maybe she just connected to Carter on a meeting and just got obsessed and taken with her over Taylor.

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I find it very distracting that she looks like a cross between Idina Menzel and Melissa Ponzio from Teen Wolf. I'm hoping she's just crazy.I keep thinking there will be some plot twist where she really is Carter's bio-mom. Like a jilted lover of Alexis Denisof or some kind egg mixup at a fertility clinic. Then again, she seems completely unhinged every time she meets up with Max. 

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