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Non-relations: The supporting cast

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I am wondering what's up with the dogs. In Season 5 Tina, Peter's Great Dane and Spit, Brianna's rescue dog vanish.  In Season 6, Norman, Peter's other Great Dane and Carl, Sol's Jack Russell terrier is replaced with another canine actor which seems much younger, looks different and because of its youth has not yet developed the original Carl's acting chops. It's always disconcerting when characters either disappear without explanation or are replaced with other actors. Did I miss something?  

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Hunh. Good catch! I had picked up on the Tina/Norman discrepancy but didn’t notice Spit’s absence last season. I have only watched two episodes of this season so I will watch for the new Carl.

FWIW, Spit’s body language was never very convincing when it came to Brianna. That first night when he was licking her neck it looked like he was after eau du bacon, not being affectionate. And much of the Carl stuff was done with cutaway shots, so they probably involved the trainer in the actors’ clothes. They may have just decided that Spit wasn’t needed as a plot device now that Brianna has Barry.

On the human actor side, I suspect we’ll never again see Lucy the neighbor at the old house, Marlene from the assisted living place, Puss Face the Pomeranian carrying friend, the gay neighbor who got Robert’s Man of la Mancha part, Officer Torres, Jeff, or Roy again. 

Wish they’d take Peter with them...

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